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We facilitate learning for a better today and tomorrow. From sparking curiosity and innovation in Middle Schools in India to targeted training programmes on 21st century skills for the youth, our initiatives seek to use emerging technologies to address the pain-points of society...


Once a year, a Hackathon will be organizsed with 8 tracks that are relevant to the country. In 2019, up to 8 teams per track will be co-creating solutions relevant to (mainly) rural areas in India


Using our network, we use existing infrastructures and prototypes, develop new ones and search for upgrades to make them more beneficial for society as a whole, congruent with our mission as described above

what are we into

The technologies of today and tomorrow trigger our curiosity and enable us to think very differently. We can ask ourselves questions we never thought of before and blur the lines between our dreams and reality. We can create new narratives that are beneficial for society as a whole and implement them today. WiseCoLab Community Interest Company is a growing network of people and organisations that acknowledges these opportunities and desires to co-create these new narratives that serve the common good.

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