About Us

Redesigning Future
"Machines have no intrinsic motivation to earn money and accumulate wealth"
We have a mission. We intend to contribute to all of the sustainable development goals of the United Nations within one journey. Combine planetary integrity with human wellbeing; help solve the problem of poverty and inequality with the use of technology. Machines have no intrinsic motivation to earn money and accumulate wealth. Self-sustainable infrastructures of autonomous machines can be programmed to serve the common good using distributed ledger technology (DLT, such as blockchain), artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous assets. People can pay a small fee for the goods and services offered, which can be used to:
  1. 1. Re-invest to
  2. a. grow the system

    b. maintain the system

    c. integrate new technologies

  3. 2. Distribute the surplus to the community as a whole
You can get a quick idea of this mechanism here:
  • 1. 15 min presentation of Jan-Peter Doomernik’s crazy thought about disruptive infrastructures
  • 2. 5 min pitch of Hilde Latour for the Blockchaingers Hackathon in the Netherlands
  • 3. Explanation about how these disruptive infrastructures contribute to all sustainable development goals: presentation (slides with explanatory text) at the UBIE conference (Unconditional Basic Income Europe) in Göteborg, Sweden
  • 4. Here you’ll find a post referring to an article with a more technical approach from Trent McConaghy.