Our Team

Sarath Davala

Sarath Davala is the Coordinator for the India Network for Basic Income

Premkumar S

Prem cares about the Education for life, Basic Income, Organic Farming, Living with Nature. Prem believes in 'Simple Living & High Thinking'

Soma Sarkar

Alumnus of Visva Bharati, Santiniketan and Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages (now EFLU), Hyderabad. Following her PhD in Cultural Studies from EFLU, Soma worked in the field of education in various capacities. Two years ago she quit her job to become a freelancer. At present she works with organisations in the areas of education, design, creative communication, sustainable livelihoods and so on. She loves exploring new and utopian ideas, and lives in Pune.

Balaji Sundararajan

Have been part of, lead, managed, mentored and formed efficient software development teams for over 20 years. Expertise in Blockchain/DLT, Internet Technologies, Mobile Technologies, User Experience, Digital Streaming, Analytics & Big data, Customer Support and Marketing Functions.

Satish Swaminathan

I've held various roles in my 16+ plus yrs of work experience, having worked in the BPO, Engineering Services, Manufacturing and the Social Sector. I was an Entrepreneur for close to 5 yrs. I love reading! I truly believe that a good book can change your life (in a good way :). And no, I don't use a Kindle! Love the outdoors and any kind of physical activity or sport. I'm passionate about Martial Arts and was a part-time Krav Maga instructor for awhile. Currently passionate about Design thinking and exploring new ideas for Business / Start up. I've also been fascinated by the concept of UBI and Blockchain technologies. I've been reading up a bit on them.

Vivek Srivastava

Entrepreneurial technologist with 13 years’ financial industry experience architecting, developing and delivering trading systems. Experience in creating and leading global teams focused on culture, innovation and productivity. Key areas of expertise include hands-on software development background with strong technical skills, building successful partnerships with peers and customers to deliver solutions often, iteratively and repetitively. Currently co-founder of an early stage start-up, a secure, standardised and open identity management solution built on a permissioned blockchain. Providing individuals with a verified digital identity, while empowering them to have perfect overview of their personal information and control of data sharing agreements.

Sreela Banerjee

I've joined this initiative because I believe that my corporate experience together with my interest in creating e-learning for young people will be of use. Examples of the e-learning I have designed can seen in www.lifeskillsnetwork.org.uk/shop Please see my linked in profile for a more detailed understanding of my experience.

Hilde Latour

Hilde Latour is from The Netherlands and is the initiator of WiseCoLab. She has expertise in the field of open innovation, distributed organisations and program- and knowledge-management. She is passionate about transformative social innovation. "The technologies of today and tomorrow allow us to think very differently and combine planetary integrity with human wellbeing on a global scale. There is no reason why inequality should increase because of automation. It is technically fairly simple to use automation to do the opposite and contribute to a caring and inclusive society. My mission is to build a network of people that inspire each other and co-create this sustainable future with prosperity for all."

Jan-Peter Doomernik

Jan-Peter Doomernik works as Senior Business Developer for the grid company Enexis. As part of the department “Strategical Transitions” his work is aimed to ensure the right and access to energy for the people of the Netherlands in the world of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. The department is all about uncovering room for innovation by asking the right questions. Topics on which he focusses are abundant systems and disruptive infrastructures that are caring and inclusive. The (main) building blocks for these new infrastructures are blockchain, artificial intelligence and autonomous assets. JP is a keynote speaker (TEDx, Blockchain Innovation Conferen, etc etc.) and serial co-creator, always looking for partners who want to develop futures, roadmaps and tangible results that are beneficial for society and open source. Exploring the unimaginable, but buildable - In april 2018 JP was trackhost of the machine2machine track of the biggest blockchain hackaton of the world. Innovation beneficial for society was manadatory in his track. He started his PhD last year at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam at the department of science, business and innovation under the guidance of prof. dr. P.C. van der Sijde.

Pavak Shah

20+ years of experience in the information technology industry, in both operational and entrepreneurial roles. I have had a successful career gaining valuable insights in strategic planning, global delivery operations and new business development in the North America, Europe, Middle East and India by starting and growing successful IT ventures. I have expertise in exploring and establishing new markets. I bring the entrepreneurial energy and agility to lead the team into uncharted waters and establishing foothold in new markets by acquiring strategic accounts. Currently, I am Co Founder and Chief Mentor at Skyblue Career Pathway, and Co Founder and CSO at Navigato Ltd. SCP is a training venture focusing on improving the employability of the early stage and mid career professionals by bridging the gap between industry expectations, and employee skill and capabilities. Navigato is a B2B and B2C solution for EV charging infrastructures monitoring and management. It aims at making the EV ownership experience for the owners and drivers easy and satisfying. I am also part of the Smart Village India Initiatives Foundation which works on converting villages in India into Smart Village within 1000 days of adoption. I have been invited to be part of IOTA Evangelist Network because of my involvement with DLT in general and IOTA in particular across various projects. I am proud to be part of WiseColab and its mission to use blockchain for the greater good fo the people.

Suvendu Halder

Market Advisor - European Utilities at Sogeti, Member-Digital Enterprise of the Future